Moisturizing Care


Hydro Boost Duo Care Fluid

All the secrets of the ocean united in one skin care product.


Freshness boost & vitamin cocktail.


Intensive moisture and protective skin care.

Hydroforce Plus SPF 15

All-round day-time skin care for intensive moisture.

BB Cream SPF 30

All-in-one toned skin care product with “blotting paper” effect.

CC Cream SPF 30

Flawless complexions made easy!

Moisture Ampoule

Moisture 24h Effect Ampoule

Moisturizer ampoule with 24-hour impact.

Ocean’s Best

For the beauty of demanding skin.

Ocean’s Best Mask

Immediate help for thirsty skin.

Ocean‘s Best Hyaluron triple Booster

Triple hyaluronic acid with wrinkle-filler effect.

Matifying Cream

Daily matt effect skin care product.

Skin Meditation

Must-have for all women with stressed skin.

Firming Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate

Supports a balanced skin environment.