40 years of know-how and passion, combined with a vision: Tradition and innovation are our leitmotif. The cosmetics brand DECLARÉ Switzerland has remained true to its principles: In 1978, our company developed the very first line of cosmetics for sensitive skin worldwide. This solid foundation and our consistent, innovative product development have enabled us to continue formulating high-quality skin-care products for sensitive skin. Today, DECLARÉ is still living up to the expectations of sensitive skin, fulfilling the wishes and meeting the requirements of women and men all over the world. Our Head Office is located on the shores of Lake Constance and houses our state-of-the-art distribution, training and logistics center. The DECLARÉ brand is currently available in more than 51 countries worldwide.


The DECLARÉ brand name stems from the Latin verb “declarare“ and reflects the company’s philosophy of showing responsibility towards its clientele. In the words of Karl J. Troll:

We live and breathe the origin of our company name with conviction. To disclose, to declare honestly and responsibly: DECLARÉ is not just another brand name. The DECLARÉ brand name embodies our philosophy and forms the cornerstone of our thought processes and actions.


By nature, sensitive skin is thinner, more delicate and finer than “normal” skin. It reacts to environmental factors and inner influences, such as stress, much more rapidly and intensely. This can lead to itching, changes in the skin surface, and even premature skin ageing. DECLARÉ’s scientific innovations in the field of skin-care for sensitive skin are internationally recognized. These findings are embodied in our highly effective products and enable our cosmetics brand to meet the specific requirements of sensitive skin.

Our Research Department has a highly demanding assignment. Optimum skin compatibility, skin-identical substances and harmonious formulations are blended to form exceptional skin-care products. We are always on the look-out for new ways of meeting the ever-changing needs of sensitive skin,

states Karl J. Troll. In our state-of-the-art laboratories in Switzerland, we produce the highest-quality products in compliance with the most stringent pharmaceutical guidelines. We have been setting milestones in the field of cosmetics for sensitive skin for years on end.

SRC™ complex

Sensitive skin is easily irritated and its balance often disturbed. An essential ingredient in all Declaré products is the SRC™ complex (sensitivity-reducing complex). The SRC™ complex improves the skin barrier function and strengthens the natural resistance of the skin. With its intensive cell protection, the SRC™ complex prevents cell damage and continuously protects your skin against premature aging.

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