Allergy Balance


Daily Moisture Treatment

Day-time skin care for women with allergies.

Soft Cleansing

Mild and gentle, yet thorough!


4 Allergy Balance action principles

Genetic disposition, environmental stress and various stress factors lead to increased incompatibilities and allergies. Declaré Allergy Balance is the cosmetic solution for skin that is sensitive to intolerance and allergies. The innovative, state-of-the-art facial care products have been dermatologically tested for optimal tolerability. They are free of preservatives, colorants and perfumes. The combination of state-of-the-art plant-based ingredients with innovative technologies, quality-assured packaging and test methods makes Allergy Balance so exceptional. The cleaning product has a particularly mild and gentle effect, without unnecessarily burdening. The care products combine four principles of action in harmonic formulas and guarantee maximum tolerability with sophisticated care. The four allergy balance principles – quality assured in innovative dosage packaging:

  • reduction of skin sensitivity
  • calming, soothing and balancing effect
  • improving and strengthening of the skin barrier
  • protection against stressful environmental influences