Dry Skin


Nutrilipid Eye

Highly effective eye care product.

Skin Soothing Cream extra rich

SOS immediate impact skin care for dry, stressed skin.

Skin Meditation

Must-have for all women with stressed skin.

Youth Supreme Cream Rich

Effective skin care to combat signs of aging.

Nutrivital Cream

Revitalizing 24-hour skin care.


Special nourishing skin care for dry, irritated skin.

Nutrilipid Extra Rich Repair Cream

Extra luxurious and nourishing skin care.

Night Revitalizer

Luxurious well-being night-time skin care cream with vitamins.

Skin Smoothing Cream

Lusciously rich anti-wrinkle skin cream.

Age Essential Cream

The regenerating, deep-acting multi-active cream.

Luxury Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Highly effective caviar skin care product with triple impact.

Luxury Anti-Wrinkle Body Butter

Delightful body butter with caviar extract. In a refillable jar.

Caviar Extra Nourishing

Luscious caviar luxury skin care – ideal for winter.

Matifying Cream

Daily matt effect skin care product.

Ocean‘s Best Hyaluron triple Booster

Triple hyaluronic acid with wrinkle-filler effect.