Caviar Perfection


Caviar Beautifying Serum

With valuable caviar extract. For improved skin texture.

Caviar Extra Nourishing

Luscious caviar luxury skin care – ideal for winter.

Caviar Perfection Ampoule

Luxury Anti-Wrinkle Ampoule

Highly active ampoule concentrate with caviar extract.

Luxury Anti-Wrinkle Body Butter

Delightful body butter with caviar extract. In a refillable jar.

Luxury Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Silky 24-hour skin care with valuable caviar extract.

Luxury Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Highly effective caviar skin care product with triple impact.

Luxury Anti-Wrinkle Hand Cream

A silky smooth promise of beautiful hands at any age!



The extract is very rich in nutritive elements, minerals (sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, ..) and vitamins (A, D). Due to its rich composition, caviar extract offers a wide range of cosmetic activities. It stimulates the skin and activates the cell metabolism, regenerates and restructures the skin. Especially valuable for sensitive skin is the restructuring and fortifying action on the barrier function of the skin. The TEWL (transepidermal water loss) is reduced, the hydration level of the skin is improved with long term action. A luxurious extract for mature, demanding and sensitive skin.




Extracted and purified from yeast this anti-wrinkle complex fights the ageing and slackening of the skin. For a firmer, smoother and refined appearance. The extract reinforces the dermal-epidermal junctions that governs the appearance of the skin surface. The synthesis of “anchoring” molecules is stimulated, such as

  • collagen IV, the genuine supporting structure of the epidermis
  • collagen VII, the main cohesion molecule
  • integrins (glycoproteins, part of the intercellular matrix)

Wrinkles are reduced, the microrelief of the skin is smoothed and the facial contours are harmoniously remodeled.




Is the cosmetic version of a preparation of black tea known for centuries, which is also called “elixir of long life”. The name Kombuchka comes from the Japanese term CHA (tea) and KOMBU (a dried algae, which is used in Japan for preparing a certain sort of tea). Kombuchka extract is a product of black tea and two microorganisms living in symbiosis. In the course of time the skin looses its fresh and rosy appearance, as the olive color portion increases and while the rose color portion decreases. After 28-days use of products containing Kombuchka extract:

  • the olive color portion is reduced by -23%
  • the rose color portion is increased by +20%
  • the radiance / freshness is increased by +11%

At the same time this extract improves the distribution of the fat cells in the subcutis – the skin is smoothened and gets new volume. Kombuchka extract firms the skin, gives new volume and a rosy, youthful appearance to the skin.