Hydro Balance


Hydroforce Extra Mat

Moisture Cream with silky-mat effect.

Good Mood Cream

Moisturizing day care - good mood and Well-being guaranteed!

Ocean’s Best

For the beauty of demanding skin.

Ocean’s Best Mask

Immediate help for thirsty skin.

Ocean‘s Best Hyaluron triple Booster

Triple hyaluronic acid with wrinkle-filler effect.

Hydro Boost Duo Care Fluid

All the secrets of the ocean united in one skin care product.

CC Cream SPF 30

Flawless complexions made easy!

BB Cream SPF 30

All-in-one toned skin care product with “blotting paper” effect.

Moisture Ampoule

Moisture 24h Effect Ampoule

Moisturizer ampoule with 24-hour impact.


Freshness boost & vitamin cocktail.


Intensive moisture and protective skin care.

Hydroforce Plus SPF 15

All-round day-time skin care for intensive moisture.



Algae are a veritable pick-me-up for the skin. Full of minerals, trace elements and protein compounds, they provide intensive moisture and treat the skin to new energy and tonicity. It looks radiantly fresh, well supplied with blood and feels wonderfully soft and supple. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, the skin feels noticeably firmer and revitalised from deep down.