Firming Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate



The delicate concentrate supports a balanced skin environment.


The delicate concentrate fuses a probiotic and prebiotic active complex with specially selected plant extracts, thereby supporting a balanced skin environment. The Declaré SRC™ complex improves the barrier function, supports the moisture level and provides well-being. An effective combination of three hyaluronic acids (long and short-chain, and cross-linked) with a green algae extract adds the special effect. Softens fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin looking firmer and redefines the facial contours. For smooth, fresh skin with a new radiance. Dermatological tests on atopic skin confirm the high level of tolerance.


yogurtene balance
lactobacillus ferment lysate
ulva lactuca extract
hyaluronic acid (long-chain, short-chain and cross-linked)
avocado oil
allantoin and bisabolol
allergen-free fragrance
SRC™ complex


Apply under your usual skincare product after cleansing in the morning and evening. Turn the cap anti-clockwise (approx. ½ a turn). The drop mechanism will move upwards, at the same time filling the pipette with concentrate. Now turn the cap further anti-clockwise to open the bottle. Pressing on the lid will cause the concentrate to flow out of the pipette.

Skin type

Sensitive skin. All skin types.

50 ml




YOGURTENE BALANCE - prebiotic active ingredient

This complex, consisting of yoghurt extract, inulin (combination of polysaccharides and fructose components) and a natural active ingredient from chicory, is prebiotic. It supports the skin balance, improves its moisture retention capacity and provides new well-being. The effective yoghurt extract is obtained by removing the casein and fat from the milk and adding wheat protein and minerals. The milk is then fermented, the resulting yoghurt pasteurised and dried. We already use this complex in cleansing in order to consistently boost every single skincare step.

LACTOBACILLUS FERMENT LYSATE - probiotic active ingredient

The probiotic active ingredient obtained from a lactic acid bacteria ferment is aimed specifically at the negative effects the skin suffers from constantly increasing environmental stresses. It instantly and highly effectively improves the skin‘s barrier function, stabilizes it for the long-term and supports its ability to revitalise and repair. The skin responds less sensitively to external attacks and loses its susceptibility to redness, stresses and dryness – the factors that provoke premature ageing. It is also intensively moisturised, and any inflammations that have already occurred are quickly and effectively alleviated.

ULVA LACTUCA EXTRACT – elasticity and firming

This extract is obtained from a special species of green algae, also known as sea lettuce, and boosts the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid while at the same time inhibiting those enzymes that could break down the collagen in the skin. Has a positive effect on the organisation of the connective tissue and increases skin elasticity, which clearly firms the facial contours.