Soft Cleansing


Anti-Pollution Cleansing Balm

For ultra-soft skin that is cleansed deep down.

Cleansing Gel

Particularly mild cleansing gel for sensitive skin.

Cleansing Milk

The classic. Gentle cleansing milk. For face and eye make-up.

Cleansing Powder

Mild & fresh cleanser in powder form.

Soft Peeling

Particularly mild peeling.

Enzyme Peel

A particularly gentle peeling method – without rubbing.

Tonifying Lotion

Moisture splash for the finishing touch.

Micelle Cleansing Water

The perfect cleansing with micelles-power in just one step.



Linden extract is obtained from the blossoms of the lime tree (tilia cordata), to soothe and refresh dry, sensitive skin. Rich in vitamin C and manganese, it also protects the skin cells against oxidative stress and therefore against further associated reactions due to sensitivity.


Panthenol is the provitamin, which is most frequently used in the cosmetics industry. As a provitamin of B vitamins, panthenol increases the skin‘s moisture retention capacity and has a gentle, calming effect. It soothes stresses and redness, provides the skin with sufficient moisture and also increases its ability to absorb the skincare products that are to follow.