Good Mood Cream



A good mood and feeling of well-being guaranteed!


When your night’s peace comes to an end too soon, stress becomes increasingly more visible and the skin appears tired and dull, we yearn for a skincare that leaves us not only looking fresher, but also with an extra dose of feel-good. Our limbic system, part of the brain and the direct link to our emotions, plays a crucial role in this. It processes and controls our feelings, which are also steered by the perception of fragrances. The cheerfully fresh fragrance of a skincare cream can therefore brighten our mood and so make a positive change to how we start the day. This supports the effective results of our day cream, which intensively moisturises, relaxes the skin and refreshes its radiance, leaving it looking smooth and even. At the same time, reaction chains that leave our skin increasingly sensitive are interrupted, and the skin’s own protection system is strengthened again so that redness, stress and itching can no longer dent our good mood. 

Refreshingly light, gently flowing and cheerfully fragrant, this daytime moisturiser banishes signs of stress and tiredness and leaves the skin radiant. A good mood and feeling of well-being guaranteed!


SRC™ complex



microalgae extract

bio sensiline

bio structurine

long- and short-chain hyaluronic acid


vitamin E


passion flower oil

shea butter


Apply onto perfectly cleansed face and neck.

Skin type

all skin types

50 ml





Our brain is connected directly to the skin via the peripheral nervous system. Sensors help to report penetrating stress from the skin directly to the brain. This triggers a series of reactions, which in turn can be seen and felt on the skin. Even emotions are transferred via such a reaction chain from the brain to the skin, which responds to them. Sensitive skin is a typical consequence of this flow of information, which reduces the skin’s barrier function, alters the composition of the skin’s microbiome and thus directly influences the immune system. It sends out immune cells, which trigger inflammation, redness and itching and cause our skin to age more quickly. The consequences of this tired defence system also influence our mood; we feel uncomfortable in our skin, which burns, itches, reddens and becomes visibly dehydrated to the point of becoming scaly.

The microalgae extract interrupts this reaction chain. It stabilises and protects the skin’s own microbiome and reduces the release of immune cells and resulting inflammation. The feeling of pain is eased and not only does the skin feel better, but our mood also takes an upward turn.


Based on two crucial components, this active ingredient complex makes our dream of a soft and even alabaster complexion come true. 

Millet is a well-known source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and folic acid, as well as iron, magnesium and potassium. Still as yet unmentioned is its silicon content. Our bodies already contain up to 1.4 g of silicon, which is involved (for example) in collagen synthesis and thus helps to ensure firm connective tissue. We know today that the body’s own silicon content reduces with age, which also means that collagen synthesis and the skin’s moisture level are drastically reduced. The junction between dermis and basal layer is loosened, and the skin decreases in density. This causes the tissue to sag, which changes the proportions overall and leads to a visible deepening of lines and wrinkles. At the deepest point of these lines, the epidermis is significantly thinner and therefore more sensitive. 

The active ingredient complex delivers additional natural silicon, obtained from millet and tannin, to activate the fibroblasts and thus the production of collagen and elastin. At the same time it supports the moisture exchange and, in this interaction, improves the overall quality of the structural network in the dermis. It strengthens the dermis and tightens its junction to the surface, to prevent sagging of the tissue. The skin becomes more supple and more balanced, while the depth of wrinkles is perceptibly reduced and the pores are quite visibly refined. 

All guaranteed to make your skin look radiant in the morning!