World Compliment Day

World Compliment Day

You should take today’s World Compliment Day as an opportunity to make a compliment to yourself. Not only one, you can make several!

Here are some tips:

For example, think of everything that went well during the day, a praise from a satisfied customer, positive feedback from the supervisor, or just a project that has been successfully completed. All are reasons to also praise yourself once!

Even when it comes to your own body, we should remember daily what we like about ourselves. Instead of just criticizing, “my belly is too big”, “my bosom is too small”, “my skin too dry”, you should simply praise what you find beautiful in yourself. For example, “I have really great hair today” or “my eye color is really beautiful”.

Or remember what compliment you got last and repeat the compliment for yourself and become aware of why you received this compliment.

You make your own luck! Believe in yourself and realize that you can do anything you want, because you are a strong and a great person!

A few nice words addressed to yourself strengthen the self-esteem immensely. Try it out!