Skincare in autumn

In autumn, when the wind outside slowly gets colder and inside, when dry heating air strains the skin, the skin needs extra attention, especially the sensitive facial skin. Because the skin suffers particularly from these cold exertions and can not be wrapped warm with a hat or scarf. Nevertheless, you can also protect the facial skin optimally against cold and dry heating air.

For optimal skin care in autumn we recommend:

Starting with cleansing, we recommend the mild Cleansing Milk“, which preserves the natural moisture balance of the skin and does not dry out the skin additionally. This light milk, enriched with linden extract, gently cleanses the skin and effortlessly removes make-up and excessive skin sebum without disturbing the natural skin balance.

Nutrilipid Eye” cares specially for the delicate skin around the eyes, helping to regulate its barrier layer and reduce the tension and fine lines caused by dryness. A special complex firms and moisturizes the skin.

The face is also maintained with a rich care depending on the skin type. This is where the “Stress Balance Skin Soothing extra rich” is available to improve moisture retention, soothe sensitive skin and restore it to its natural balance. The cream helps relieve tensions and reduce redness caused by dryness.It helps restore the skin’s comfort, velvety softness and smooth texture.

For extra energy and vitality for tired and dry skin, “Power Duo Oil + Serum” is a perfect match. This velvety, nurturing vitamin cocktail relaxes demanding skin wonderfully, enabling it to regenerate long-term. The combination of the two phases lavishes your skin with intensive moisture, and imbibes it with new energy thanks to valuable vitamins. Delicate oils make your skin feel powdery soft without weighing it down. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, your skin appears tauter and firmer.

For the dry parts of the body, the “Silky Soft Body Cream” is a wonderfully silky cream that intensively nourishes the demanding skin, smoothes the skin surface and provides valuable moisture. The potency of cranberries combined with vitamin E acetate protects your skin from harmful environmental influences and free radicals.