Ultimate Skin Youth



Makes your skin forget about growing old.


This revolutionary cream contains valuable anti-ageing rice extract, providing your cells with intensive protection and extending their life span. Regular use effectively slows down the natural ageing process. The cream’s refreshing moisture plumps up and tones your skin, reducing fine lines. Its firming effect lets your skin appear re-modeled, vitalized and strengthened. Pure silk particles and selected oils pamper your skin time and again.


SRC™ complex

anti-ageing rice extract (orsirtine)

combination of hyaluronic acid

silk extracts

sasanqua oil

vitamin E

camellia seed oil


Apply onto perfectly cleansed face and neck.

Skin type

All skin types

50 ml





In Chinese and Japanese garden, the camellia is often found as a ornamental shrub and it is a traditional part in tea ceremonies, which symbolizes friendship, elegance and harmony. If it looses its red leafs, like blood drops when the snow falls, the camellia also stands for death and transience. Allegedly, in the 16th century, the first plants were brought to Europe by sailors. Nevertheless, they are being mentioned 1739 in Essex for the first time. Quickly, the camellia has become popular in the European aristocratic houses and was been cultivated in more than 1.100 species. In the 19th Century, the camellia belonged to the aristocratic and upper-class culture and received its first monument through the novel “The Lady of the Camellias” from Alexander Dumas. This writing has become the template for one of the most popular operas “La Traviata”. The oil, which is extracted from the seeds of the camellia, has not only a high viscosity, but also an antiallergic effect. It cares for the skin velvety soft and retain it smooth and supple.

RICE EXTRACT (Orsirtine)

Orsirtine is a botanical extract extracted from the rice. It extends the life span of cells, promotes processes of skin repair and protects them. This leads to an increase in skin life.