How to stay fit in spring

How to stay fit in spring 

The cold season is finally over soon. Now there are no excuses anymore for not doing some exercises. We have more of a spring in our step and are able to get more activity outdoors.

Take your bike!

As it is lighter in the morning, you can take a break from your car and using your bike to get to work. Cycling is good for your heart and circulation. If you are not able to cycle to work, just explore a bike route on the weekend.

Take a walk or a hike!

Enjoy the beautiful spring-scenery by taking a hike or a walk along a nice river or up in the hills. You can breathe in the fresh spring air and your circulation is stimulated. It’s a great way to get in a workout without ever feeling like you are working for it while you are busy exploring the beautiful nature.

Yard work or spring- clean

Spring clean or yard work can burn hundreds of calories and at the same time it leads to a nicer and cleaned home. Gather your family members and make it a group activity, which can be enjoyed by all.

Try a new sport activity

Try a new trend sport, or continue with a sport, which you practiced years ago. Moreover, with a team sport, you can stay fit and have fun with other people. Even in gym classes, you can try out different workouts.

Declaré wishes you a wonderful and active start in the new spring season! Enjoy the beauty of nature and stay fit!