Spring allergy

Hurraaaaa! Spring is here – and allergies are unfortunately too!

Days are getting longer and therefore also the time we spend outside. Unfortunately, this is exactly what keeps more and more people with allergic reactions. The nose itches and you start to sneeze. The reason for this is the pollen count, which starts already in February. Our body mistakes the pollens for invaders and fights them with allergic reactions. Almost every fifth German is now affected. It is recommended to consult the doctor at the first symptoms, as the allergy may develop into asthma.

Here are some tips for allergy sufferers:

  • keep the windows and doors closed. Air your rooms best in the evening, when you are living in the countryside and when you are living in the city, the best moment to air rooms is the morning.
  • do not hang the laundry outside to dry and do not store it in the bedroom and avoid to change your clothes in the bedroom.
  • avoid going outside especially in the time when the pollen fly most intensely.
  • avoid stressful activities and sports.
  • wash your hands and face as soon as you come in. Also wash your hair regularly.
  • wearing sunglasses can keep some of the pollen out.

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