Skin Meditation Concentrated Spray


Skin Meditation Concentrated Spray

Refreshing & Soothing Facial Care Spray

Skin Meditation Concentrated Spray


The facial care spray containing SRC™ complex, valuable minerals and trace elements gives a wonderful feeling of freshness and quickly soothes stressed skin. Can also be sprayed onto the eyelids and used over make-up. Does not contain alcohol.


SRC™ complex

Curcubita Pepo – pumpkin seed extract

Marine spring water



Spray onto the skin (please close the eyes) several times a day from a distance of 30cm and let it absorb.

Skin type

For stressed skin

100 ml





comes from a natural sea source on the Pink Granite Coast in Brittany. This special marine spring water is rich in trace elements and minerals. It supports and improves the skin’s moisture level.

The seawater from a natural reservoir surrounded by a granite formation is filtered through a thick layer of sand and extracted subterraneously. It is then desalinated using electrolysis, re-filtered and stabilised. Marine spring water contains trace elements like copper, manganese, silicates, zinc and selenium as well as the mineral salts calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Effect of the marine spring water

1. Stimulation der Synthese der epidermalen Lipide
The skin’s barrier is strengthened and the moisture level improved.

2. Stimulation of cell adhesion
The dermoepidermal junction consists in part of the basal lamina and various anchoring fibrils, such as collagen IV. This is closely related to the keratinocytes and is important for their connection and communication with the dermis. Improving the dermoepidermal junction strengthens the structure of the skin and positively influences its water regulation.

3. Stimulation of the synthesis of hemidesmosomes
This further improves the dermoepidermal junction in order to positively affect the skin structure and the water exchange between the dermis and epidermis.


The SOS spray for your handbag! Always ready for instant use when things are getting too much for your skin.

Spritz Skin Meditation Concentrated Spray onto the face from a distance of approx. 30 cm several times a day to balance out stressful moments and supply the skin with new moisture and freshness. Also suitable for use over make-up!