Pure Balance

pure balance – finally purity

Puberty is already over. But you still suffer from skin blemishes, large-pored skin, blackheads or pimples?

Hormone fluctuations, stress, lack of sleep and environmental pollution can have a negative effect on impure skin.

The right care routine can remedy or counteract the impurities. Here you should not only pay attention to appropriate cleansing, but also resort to suitable care products such as masks or mattifying creams.

Pure Balance collection by Declaré is ideal for the normalization and care of the skin. After a while, you get a pure, dull skin and a refined complexion.

But it’s not just about proper skin care. It is also important to drink a lot of water, because that is the basic building block for healthy skin cells. A proper diet with little industrial sugar, meat, alcohol or cigarettes, but lots of fruits and vegetables have a positive effect on the skin.

In addition, a lot of exercise and sports in the fresh air is essential, because this ensures a well-perfused body, which in turn leads to a radiant and pure complexion. In addition, sufficient sleep is good, so that the body and thus the skin can recover.

The products of the pure balance collection can be found here.