Multi Masking

Multi Masking

Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect match between your skin type and your face. You have the problem having to deal with dry cheeks, pore blocking on your nose, or an oily forehead? Unfortunately, one mask is not the solution for all those issues.

However, we have got the perfect remedy in order to cultivate the optimal care for your skin:

The new trend of Multimasking

The new Declaré “superfood-masks quartet” fulfils your individual skincare requirements as you can create your own “Multimask” according to your skin’s needs.

Our quartet includes:

GOJI JOJOBA PEELING MASK – the revitalizing cleansing mask with peeling effect ensures a radiantly fresh complexion in just 10 minutes. It can be called the “Starter” of the Powerfood Mask-Cocktail.

BAMBOO COAL DETOX MASK – the creamy mask containing an immaculate fragrance, which suggests pure cleanliness and freshness, gives you a fine-pored complexion in minutes through the absorbing effect. With the help of this mask you can simply erase stress, environmental toxins and pollution.

MATCHA ALOE VERA MASK – with the soothing pampering mask you will enjoy the relaxed and balancing effect as well as the delicate fragrance, which provides you with pure relaxation and comfort already during the application.

ALGAE MARINE GEL MASK – with the refreshing moisturizing mask, you are able to treat your skin with a cooling gel mask which provides maximum hydration with the help of the contained fresh seawater.

Therefore, give your skin exactly what it needs right now.

Enjoy the “Private Mask Cocktail”; Your individual beauty program to use at home!