Couperose Solution



Specially developed and tested for the care of sensitive skin in Couperose and Rosacea.


The unique composition of this highly effective skincare strengthens the skin‘s functions and reduces the appearance of existing redness. The natural barrier and protective properties of the skin are reinforced, its overreaction and sensitivity reduced. At the same time, it is provided intensively with valuable moisture and gently nourished with soft oils. For perfectly strengthened, well cared-for skin and a smooth, relaxed complexion.


Activ-Anti-Couperose – active ingredient from the peels of citrus fruits


SRC™ complex

hyaluronic acid (short- and longchained)

vitamin E

real silk

sheabutter & macadamia nut oil

bisabolol & allantoin



Apply to perfectly cleansed face and neck. Day and night. As a permanent care or intensive cure.

Skin type

Sensitive skin. All skin types.

50 ml




Couperose is a chronic skin condition with visible capillaries, redness and inflammation, mainly in the area of the nose and cheeks. Up to 15% of the population (women AND men!) are affected by it. It usually appears between the ages of 20 and 50, mainly in people with light and sensitive skin. It can even develop further into rosacea (irreversible chronic inflammatory skin disease).

To this day, the details of what causes couperose are unknown. It could be a hereditary condition, while other risk factors include e.g. high blood pressure, having light skin and a weakness of the connective tissue.

The following factors reinforce the appearance, and should be avoided:

  • Major temperature fluctuations, heat/cold
  • Alcohol
  • Foods such as sugar, milk, wheat and coffee as well as hot spices
  • Internal and external stress
  • Mechanical stimulation of the surface of the skin
  • UV rays and environmental stresses (smog, tobacco smoke, exhaust gases)
  • Excessive exercise, physical overexertion

Couperose cannot be “healed”, but with the right skincare and by heeding a few “don’ts”, this kind of skin can also be beautiful!